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Our people are recognized experts and authorities. They have written over 150 papers and articles and 14 books.

The books cover such diverse topics as engineering & physics, to applied psychology, economics, and theology.

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EE in Nutshell

Electrical Engineering in a Nutshell

is a review text as preparation for the professional engineering exam.

The book is an outline and review of electrical engineering. The material is designed with four purposes:

A Study Guide to provide assistance with preparation for professional examinations.
A Reference for investigating those occasional problems outside your regular specialty.
A Curriculum for professional classes for maintaining your license.
A Synopsis for university students in electrical engineering and other technical disciplines.

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Unified field theory

Unified Field

Unified Field Theory in One Energy Equation

For centuries there has been considerable interest in developing a simple, but comprehensive relationship for physical systems including electric and magnetic, mass, and wave interactions, even before the concepts were well defined. 

One dynamic energy equation encompasses electric-magnetic, mass-diffusion, and constant-waves over time into a unified field theory.

The three terms in the unified field relationship succinctly describe Newton motion as well as Einstein relativity. As would be expected, Maxwell's suite of equations is inherent in the relationship. Planck's wave concept and energy bundles or quanta are integral terms.

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Success in Relationships

Leadership & Success in Relationships & Communications

is a personal development text covering temperament, communications, and relationships.
This is the first in a series of three.

How can you benefit from skill in leadership? Can there be success without leadership in some area? Are the principles and practices the same for an individual, a group, or a society? Is this a topic than can be taught or is it something that is innate? Are the principles global?

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Success in Economics

Leadership & Success in Economics, Law, & Technology

is a text about interaction between business and society.
This is the third in a series of three.

Although the combination of books makes an excellent text for technical and engineering management courses or executive development programs, they are beneficial to anyone desiring to improve.

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Success in Culture

Leadership & Success in Organizations, Culture, & Ethics

is a business structures text addressing international culture, effective organizations, and ethics.
This is the second in a series of three.

The series of three volumes is structured on the three areas of leadership involvement and is arranged in the order in which you, as a leader, can have the most impact: people, organizations, and society. Each group of topics has the ingredients that will impact your success as a leader.

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micro 2

8051 Micro-controller

Systems Design & the 8051

Have you ever wanted to or needed to build a computer or microprocessor control system from the ground up? Have you started projects but were challenged with how to finish them? Do you need a reference that starts with the fundamentals, provides examples, and advances to elegant, sophisticated designs?

This is a complete design text for the hardware, firmware, and software design of microprocessor systems.

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Failure Analysis

Electrical Failure Analysis for fire and incident investigation

is structured for anyone working in the failure analysis industry. This includes engineers, technicians, investigators, insurance, legal, supervisors, and staff.

The material is particularly designed for individuals that encounter electrical systems in the process of incident investigations. There is enough technical information that any investigator will benefit from the material, illustrations, and explanations. The discussion is structured so that the material can also be used as an introduction to investigations. The information is readily structured for a seminar / short course.

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Industry Electrical

Electrical Systems - Fundamentals for Industry

is particularly designed for individuals that encounter electrical systems in their work, but electrical is not their primary area. This includes engineers, technicians, mechanics, and supervisors. In addition, there is enough technical information that electricians and electrical engineers will benefit from the material, discussions, and interactions with users.

The discussion includes the components of and how to size a complete electrical installation including the motor, protection, wire, and transformers. This analysis considers the National Electrical Code and IEC interactions. The discussion covers conventional as well as hazardous locations. The topics include personal safety, grounding, lightning, and risks of fire. The information is readily structured for a seminar / short course.

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Belief Tendencies

Belief Tendencies

Belief Tendencies, the Intersection of Science, Philosophy, and Theology

Following well-established principles, the belief tendencies across science, philosophy, and theology can be grouped together into three categories. The relational tendency compares everything to himself and his experience. This group makes up the vast majority of people. The rational tendency compares everything to reason and laws of nature. This group makes up about one standard deviation of the population. The maverick tendency compares every thing to the laws of nature but perceives there is a transcending element. This limited group is only about 1% of the population, but their decisions impact the remainder of the world often for generations.

To discuss tendencies, the natural laws are developed. Natural law has three fundamental categories of energy laws, control laws, and biological laws. Energy has three areas consisting of thermodynamic laws, dynamic energy laws, and system energy laws. Likewise, each of the areas has three laws, resulting in the foundational energy of nine laws. Unsurprisingly, control also has three laws. Following the law of conservation, summing the nine energy laws with three control laws and the biological law yields thirteen principles.

Time is a crucial dimension of scientific and philosophical discussion. Time is the determining dimension between the physical and transcendental state. Time necessarily leads to a discussion of cosmogony.

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Who Is This God?

Who Is This God?

How does the supernatural relate to people? Do you have curiosity and many questions about the supernatural? Do most books on the topics get too deep or too far out? Is there really a Creator or did the universe just happen? What are angels?

Since the beginning of history, these questions have been the topics of theology and mythology.

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Argument about God

An Intellectual's Argument About God

Have you ever questioned whether there is a God? Are you skeptical about traditional religion and its dogma? Are you inquisitive enough to challenge conventional thought? Do you ever wonder what is wrong with me or what is wrong with everything? Have you ever wondered is this all there is?

Congratulations you are normal. In 10 minutes this short treatise addresses these topics from the  perspective of an intellectual and scientist with the same questions.

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Micro-controllers in System Design

is an introductory text on the software and hardware design of computer systems based on the 8051 family.

The book is no longer in print. Refer to Systems Design & 8051.



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